Statement on Libanon
Leaders of the Christian Communities in the Holy Land

The Leaders of the Christian Communities in the Holy Land are deeply affected by all the sufferings in Lebanon, and share in the sorrow of the families who morn their dead.

And in these painful circumstances, they call on all those making war, that they cease the strife and the massacre which causing so much death and destruction.

From the Holy Land, they address themselves to the Kings and the Presidents of the surrounding countries, and the Leaders of every country in the world, to do all that is in their power to re-establish peace, love and fraternity in Lebanon*

They voice a plea to their respective communities in the Holy Land, that they unite in prayer to God for peace in Lebanon* Collections for the relief of the victims of these sad events would also be much appreciated.

  • Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • Syrian Orthodox Bishop in Jerusalem
  • Lutheran Bishop in Jerusalem
  • Maronite Patriarchal Vicar in Jerusalem
  • Custos of the Holy Land
  • Greek Catholic Archbishop
  • Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem

Bulletin 290, S. 6