Statement [About the So-Called “Christian Embassy”]
Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

The Christian Churches in the Holy Land, whose roots go back to the beginning of Christianity, hereby state the following:

1.  The so-called “Christian Embassy” does not represent nor replace the Christian Community in Jerusalem or the majority of the Faithful all over the world. We do not acknowledge this body nor its activities and conferences. The teachings of our Lord and the Light of the Gospel have gone out from this very Holy Land. We are the representatives of Christianity here, venerating and safeguarding the Holy Places, and we do not expect people coming from abroad, unaware of our problems, to act on our behalf.

2.  We categorically refuse and reject any political interpretation of the Holy Scripture.

3.  According to our Lord’s commands, we seek peace and justice for all the people in the world, and especially in the region, without any kind of discrimination or violence.

  • Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate
  • Latin Patriarchate
  • Armenian Orthodox (Bishopric) Patriarchate
  • Anglican Bishopric
  • Syrian Orthodox Bishopric
  • Lutheran Bishopric
  • Syrian Catholic Bishopric
  • The Holy Land Franciscans (Custody of the Holy Land)

JT, S. 22f | Bulletin 336 | Lindén 49

The list of signatures and the respective names differ significantly in varoius sources