Press release (concerning situation in Beit Sahour)
Patriarchs and Custos

Following the last meeting, held on April 26th, 1989, during which a declaration of the Heads of the Churches w^as issued expressing deep concern over the prevailing Situation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, their Beatitudes Diodoros I, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, and Yeghishe Derderian, the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, and the Very Reverend Fr. Carlo Cechitelli, Custos of the Holy Land, met today on the 26th [of] October 1989 to re- view the aggravating Situation in the above-mentioned areas and the new methods used against the population in Beit Sahour.

During this meeting:

  1. They express satisfaction for the efforts which are being made all over the world to reach a settlement for the Middle East question.
  2. They feel disappointed with the general deterioration of the Situation in the life of the population on the West Bank and Gaza Strip since their meeting of 26th April 1989.
  3. They consider what is going Beit Sahour for the last forty days, and which is causing undue suffering to the population, as unjust and unacceptable.
  4. The Patriarchs, who are the spiritual fathers of the people and share the suffering of those who are afflicted, express their growing concern and call all believers to pray with them for peace and justice.
  5. They ask their respective communities to hold special prayers on Sunday, 29 October 1989, for the sufferings in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and for the population of Beit Sahour in their particular Situa­tion.
  6. They will send food supplies for the population of Beit Sahour.
  7. They decide to follow up the Situation with all appropriate means at their disposal.

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JT.: S. 24f