Press Release about Har Homa, Abu-Gneim
Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah

(Summery: Those land where the Israelis decided to build new stettlements are for the most Christian Community lands. “Have the Israeli Authorities the intention to reduce the Christian presence and invite Christians to emigrate by confiscating their lands? Asks the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem! The answer is that the Israeli continued their politic of confiscation and decided to build against the international laws.):

“The Confiscation of any land, in Palestian territories, can only provoke opposition to and endanger the peace process. We cannot understand such contradictory measures: from one side Palestinians are requested to make peace, on the other side, their lands are confiscated. These confiscations raise in all hearts frustration and despair and are one of the main factors which is exploiled by extremists, and which lead to more violence. Again, all, people and authorities, want violence to disappear once for all; but at the same time, measures are taken by responsabile authority to give more fuel to extremists and to violence… Therefore we ask Israeli Authorities to reconsider their decision and to stop these confiscatioins, in order to build a solid peace and security for all, Israelis and Palestians”.

Michel Sabbah