Christmas Statement 1989
Heads of the Christian Communities in Jerusalem

To our beloved children in the Lord.

As we approach the third Christmas under the present difficult and trying conditions, we the spiritual Heads of the Christian Communities wish to address our compassionate greetings to our children in the Holy Land, who experience times of great injustice and violence.

We remind the world .of our, solidarity and sympathy with the victims of violence. We wish to tell the world that we are witnessing an escalation in the sad events and there are omens of human tragedy unfolding in coming year, hence our appeal to all concerned and the world.

As we live these moments of despair and tragedy the message of “peace on earth” which was proclaimed from the fields of Bethlehem brings consolation and a ray of hope to all the afflicted and suffering.

Jesus Christ, “the Prince of Peace”, through His Incarnation calls all people in this, Land to reconcile in mutual love and respect, based on justice and reciprocal tolerance.

‚ÄúPeace on earth” is possible only when all people and states concerned recognise the Intimate rights of all individuals and nations to freedom and self-determination.

Specially today, when the Superpowers are heading for global reconciliation we appeal to the leaders of the world to give urgent attention to the pressing painful problem in the Holy Land.

We the spiritual Heads of the Christian Communities are called by our Lord to stand by those who suffer from injustice and pray for the establishment of justice and peaceful settlement of the conflict.

In this spirit, we condemn all manifestations of violence, indiscriminate us of force, as we have witnessed almost every day during the last two years.

We grieve with the families who have lost their beloved ones and we pray God to alleviate the suffering of the wounded and the prisoners.

We expect from the Leaders and concerned Authorities to show timely courage and wisdom in solving the painful problems of this land to the mutual benefit of both nations.

We address to both peoples in the area, despite of the sufferings they are passing through, to prepare themselves for reconciliation and love towards one another.

We pray to the Lord to strengthen us in hope and love to carry our burden as Shepherds of our people and we hope that soon we will witness fie end of human suffering and bloodshed in this Land of Peace, so that all of us together may glorify the name of the Lord.

May the divine Infant of Bethlehem bless you on this Christmas time and all through the new year 1990.

JT.: S. 25f | Bulletin 348, S. 2 / Linden S. 71 f